About Us

About Us

Efor Food Machinery started the service activities and production in the Turkish Food Sector in the year of 1998 with our establishment. We have a product area of 1600 m2 in total with indoor area of 1000 m2 and outdoor area of 600 m2. Our mission is mainly based on producing Food Machinery in our production department which includes modern manufacturing machines, reliable quality control and research, developing products suitable to customer's demands and providing all kinds of technical assistance to the customers during the use of the products. We have established our factories all around Turkey and even around the world. Our company, which perceives development and change as a way of life, is serving our esteemed customers with experience and the power of extensive knowledge in the sector.

We especially manufacture sesame processing machines. Apart from giving services such as producing machines which enable sesame to separate from the shell, to clean and convert to tahina, we also provide machine manufacturing services in many other categories such as sesame machines, tahina machines, halwa machines, Turkish delight machines, jam boilers, powder sugar machines, fruit selection bands and Turkish fairy floss machines.

We give service to Russia, the USA, Germany, Nigeria, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and many more. 70% of our production is exports-based, that is, we market our product abroad in foreign countries.

The main feature that disticts our company is the professional service we provide and the trust to the machines we install. Within the food sector, which is experiencing rapid change and development, we, as Efor Food Machinery, have managed the maintenance of quality products, embracing the idea that what we have done is the guarantee of what we will do. 

We use the best brand chrome and electrical components in food machine manufacturing. One of the best things about us that we are doing is that we are pleased and appreciated by our customer portfolio, who are using our machines to provide professional service to their customers in the service sector.

As Efor Food Machinery Company, our mission is to be able to declare our professionalism in this sector by announcing our name to the whole world as well as our confidence in the parts we make. We aim to grow the company more and more every year, by setting technical and commercial strategies by innovation and without taking a step backwards.

By analyzing the sectoral attitudes in the market well, a dynamic staff member and the management staff that enables the company to take bigger steps have an important influence on the growth of the Efor Food Machinery Company. With the professional support service, detailed information analysis and solution-focused information exchange, every customer understands that we offer our activities on the basis of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Principles are the commercial morality that we believe to be passed from father to son, and the loyalty to business, and self-esteem towards our customers. As a company of Efor Food Machinery, we have full faith in our targets in the food processing machinery sector and we are looking towards our company’s very bright future. We are working hard to keep our business and our portfolio constantly expanding both in the field of manufacturing and also in terms of the trade mechanism.
Our fortune and our power comes from the satisfaction of our customers ...

With all respect..